Welcome to Sun City Center Travel Club

Does the idea of traveling locally to enjoy theater, music, beautiful places, cultural events, restaurants, and interesting shopping sites appeal to you?  Then come join the Sun City Center Travel Club.

Your Travel Club makes every effort to provide its members with a variety of great trips all year long.

We were founded in 1971 to provide transportation and tours for the residents’ activities outside the community they live in.

SUN CITY CENTER TRAVEL CLUB is licensed in the State of Florida as a registered Seller of Travel, License #ST38137

Preventive measures being taken by SUN CITY CENTER TRAVEL CLUB to reduce the risk of members contacting or spreading the COVID-19 VIRUS.

PURPOSE: to protect club members from contacting or spreading the COVIDF-19 Virus while they are using the Club’s Facility and Materials.


All club members taking part in club activities will notify the club’s Board Member in charge that he or she does not have any of the Covid-19 Virus symptoms such as: a temperature of 100.4% or higher, headache or nausea. Also, if they have taken a Covid-19 Virus test and the result has been negative that they have not had any contact with a person who has tested positive in the last month for the Covid-19 Virus. If the club member has tested positive for Covid-19, he or she will need a medical clearance from their medical provider

Bottles of sanitizer will be available from the club or club members to be used by CA members to clean their hands before/after they have completed the visit.

Masks are strongly recommended. Those who prefer to be masked or need to be masked to protect their own health conditions are welcome to do so.  Safety protocols are subject to change. 

3 members will be allowed in the club room at one time.

CLUB MEMBERS participating in the club activity and, as such, will not hold the SUN CITY CENTER TRAVEL CLUB or Sun City Center Board of Directors liable if he or she should contact the Covid-19 Virus.